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Welcome to the Northern California Flute Circle

Upcoming: Tuesday, June 4th, Mark Holland and N. Scott Robinson in Grass Valley

Check out the event info on the NCFC Calendar

Mary Youngblood Monthly Retreats with Loping Wolf Clan

Check out the Loping Wolf site for the latest schedule for the monthly retreats with Mary Youngblood. Loping Wolf clan meets regularly near Auburn, CA. May through October: Mary Youngblood Musical Retreat's are held the first Saturday of each month.

Join the NCFC Collective and participate in discussions: NCFC Collective

You will need to request an online membership in order to participate.

Exciting Events coming up:

The calendar format has changed, we are now using an interactive calendar for all of our activities. You'll find the calendar here: http://ncfc.groupsite.com/calendar. (be sure to change your bookmarks)

Check the Calendar for the latest in local flute circle events:

Anyone is invited to join the regional flute circle events, regardless of your skill. Come join the fun, learn something new, meet other fluties.

About the Northern California Flute Circle

We are a group of friends who love Native American Flute music. We range from total beginners to exquisitely talented musicians, and all are welcome. We gather once a month at the home of a member (the location rotates around). Check the calendar for our upcoming flute circles (meetings) in different geographic locations.

During our flute circles we further our understanding of the Native American Flute-how to play it, how to make one, it's history, etc. We often experiment with playing with other players and we sometimes do exercises that expand our skills a bit. We also bring food to share and have a really good time! Click here for photos of some past flute circles.

There are usually a few guests at each flute circle-a friend someone brought along, or someone who is curious about the Native American Flute but may never have even played an instrument before. Guests are very welcomed and encouraged! We can teach someone to sound good on a Native American Flute in about 3 minutes so guests often get hooked on their first try.

While the Native American Flute is obviously a traditional instrument from Native American culture, it's enjoying a rapidly growing popularity among people from all demographic groups and very few of our members have any Native blood in their family history at all. Most of us were instantly drawn to the hauntingly beautiful sound of the Native American Flute, and came to learn how surprisingly easy it is to play. It's much easier to play than a traditional silver "transverse" flute that you have to position perfectly below your pursed lips to play. Anyone can play a Native American Flute and we encourage you to join us and give it a try.

New! Mike Oitzman is "blogging" again about the Native American Flute. Check it out here